iRing Grip Kickstand with Multi Purpose Docking System - Blue/White

iRing Grip Kickstand with Multi Purpose Docking System - Blue/White

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Easy to use

Combine iRing Dock with iRing easily

Wide range of control

iRing dock is easily controlled by rotating 360˚ and tilting 120˚

Strong mount

Peel off the film bottom of iRing dock and attach it. Not only in the car, but it is also available on where you want.

Choose a color

Black and white(Matt)





INSTALLATION / Before applying iRing Dock, wipe-off any dust or oil on your device/case with a wet tissue and let it completely dry. Remove the protective film on the iRing Dock. Then place the iRing Dock and gently press. REMOVAL / Lift the gap on the dock slowly with moderate pressure to separate safely.


For some dashboards that have release coating or similar protection, the Dock may not securely attach. In such cases, please place the Dock on other non-coated areas of the car. Please remove any dust, oil and other foreign substances prior to applying the device. Extra sweat or oil on the ring will lower the friction or gripping of iRing to the Dock. Please note to keep your iRing clean when using with iRing Dock. The adhesive tape is very strong in its adhesiveness. Please be careful when removing.
The Dock is NOT reusable so please choose your location carefully.

Color Blue/White

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