Total Core Abdominal Exercise Machine

Total Core Abdominal Exercise Machine

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The abdominal machine uses one simple, continuous motion to give your 
entire midsection--upper and lower abs, side oblique, and upper and lower 
back--a full, 360-degree workout, all while you remain seated. 


-Easy, comfortable workout:

-Adjust able support bracket:

-Foldable and easy to store:

-Rolling, Massaging Back;

-Get the body you have always wanted;

-It is like getting a massage while you workout!

-Boost your metabolism and burn calories faster!



1. the ab direct gets you off the ground and targets your entire core form one side to another, front to back.

2. the ab direct works out your upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles and obliques-your

entire core-all in one simple, fun, fat-burning motion.

3. get a firmer, flatter abdomen without sit-up and crunches, abdominal and cardio all-in-one exerciser.

4. helps perform lateral side flexion, easily converted to work bums and thighs.

5. side-to-side motion focuses on the abdomen, helpful to body slimming.


- Folding up size: 64*45*22CM
- Assembly size: 76*45*49 CM
- Carton Size: 54*18*44 CM
- N.W./G.W.: 6KG/7KG
- Max Loading: 100KGS/220.5 LBS

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